Billboards at Fuel Stations

Billboard advertising, also called hoarding, is a traditional out of home advertising format, though, billboard advertising at petrol pumps delivers significant exposure 24/7, 365 days a year to consumers market –wide or in your targeted area. Blue Ocean Media works with local, regional and national fuel stations in India to bring you, the advertiser, an unmatched opportunity to showcase your brand, product or service. Fuel Station Billboard Advertising is a 24 hour medium that is available night or day as long as a fueling facility is open for business. There are also no season limits or weather worries that detract you from delivering your advertising message. Billboard advertising on fuel stations is your one-on-one communication platform without ad filtering, skipping, or channel surfing.

The fact of the matter is that most regular fuel purchasers look around at billboards at fuel stations while availing services or driving in or driving out from the fuel station. And when they do, they notice your advertising at fuel station.

As a result, fuel station advertising is a must in your media plan, since:
  1. It reaches the right target audience – Fuel station billboard advertisements, also called petrol pump hoardings in India, can be used to reach a very selective and specific demographic or geographic area. You, as an advertisers, can position your message right where your audience lives and works. These billboards, through large format advertising in India, can be placed locally, regionally and nationally. they can be situated in various defined neighborhoods delivering to an array of diverse, cultural and specialised markets as per your requirements.
  2. SEC A, B and C Consumer -
  3. It reaches a consumer owning a vehicle – Keeping with the rising trend of owning an automobile, more and more youngsters are purchasing a vehicle in India. Therefore, a significant amount of people have a need to visit a petrol pump to fill up their vehicle. As a result, advertisements at the petrol pump are seen frequently and regularly by these repeat customers.
  4. Advertising on ground activation opportunities – This is your first step in getting your new promotion and activating your brand so that you connect better with your consumers. Hoardings are highly effective when you want to do just that.
  5. Prominent billboard with clear visibility – Billboards at petrol pumps are BIG, BOLD & COLOURFUL; always there and always visible! Whether you want them BIG or made to your size, a lot can be done outside. Hoardings are a very powerful way to advertise and promote your business.
  6. Head on Media with Eye level interaction – Billboards are eye level and eye catching. This allows people to look at your message without any distractions in between. Your Message! Simply Delivered.
  7. Clutter Free Media Space – Your message on the billboard stands out clearly from your competitors’ unlike local newspapers, advertorial magazines, television, online and radio advertising.
  8. Multiple billboards at fraction of cost – Your advertising on a medium which is perceived to be very expensive …which means your competitors think you’ve got more money than them and your potential customers think your brand is bigger and more trust worthy than your competitors.



TG Frequency / week

Nos. of Vehicles / Month/ Per Station

Total Consumers Exposed to Media


2.18 Times


48 Lakhs


2.55 Times


24 Lakhs


2.85 Times


21 Lakhs


2.85 Times


24 Lakhs


2.88 Times


32 Lakhs


2.85 Times


38 Lakhs


2.65 Times


16 Lakhs


2.88 Times


32 Lakhs