Sajgaon Fuel Station

Petrol Pumps and Fuel stations offer excellent reach into the specific areas where you would like to advertise and are great venues for regional campaigns. Petrol pump advertising displays can often be found in areas with little or no traditional outdoor advertising – such as hard to reach suburban areas with limited billboard availability. Sajgaon Fuel Station has unique characteristics that provide you unmatched visibility because of its strategic location & other advantages.

About Sajgaon Fuel Station:
  • Fuel Station is on Mumbai – Pune Expressway and is spread over an approximate radius of half a kilometre.
  • It’s a only Fuel Station between Panvel to Talegaon (which is a stretch of good 93 kilometres).
  • Sajgaon Fuel Station claims highest fuel sales within Asia.
  • Total passengers/ travellers landing per month on the fuel station are about 15 lacs.
  • Only four wheelers, long distance & executive buses and heavy transport vehicles are allowed.
  • Fuel Station has multipurpose shops, public utilities and well known restaurants like Bikaner and Food Counter of Nestle and other independent vendors within the premises.
Advantages of Fuel Station Advertising at Sajgaon:
  • Advertising on hoardings at a fuel station is a great way to reach drivers in a captive setting. Drivers are standing around for an average of five to ten minutes getting the fuel filled – during which they can view your advertisements served in a variety of formats. At Sajgaon, there are many more transit passengers who opt for availing services offered by shopping & restaurant arcade thereby also noticing your advertising.
  • Sajgaon fuel station operates 24 hours a day, so your petrol pump hoardings and other advertising media gets 24/7 exposure to passengers, pedestrians and motorists
  • You are able to display billboards and other promotional media free from cluttered competing media and messages at other places at a very low space and production cost.
  • There is a large area available for you to opt for large format billboards on fuel stations.
  • The effectiveness of Fuel station advertising is that you have the captive attention of gas station patrons for 3-5 minutes. At Sajgaon this increases manifold due to extended stoppages of the travellers.
Branding options at Sajgaon Fuel Station:
  • Display Lounge
  • Life Like Display Arena
  • Branded Kiosks
  • Branded Scrollers & Standees
  • Front lit Hoardings (Size : 10 X 20)
  • Multiple Customer Engagement Touch Points