Blue Ocean Media Expands by acquiring scalable transit media options at Delhi

Jan 02, 2012: Bureau, New Delhi

Blue Ocean Media Pvt Ltd has added another feather in its cap with the addition of the auto rickshaws to its transit media, expanding its horizons and proving the novelty of the company’s know-how. These autos move around all over Delhi covering all areas ranging from an over-crowded Chandni Chowk to a posh South extension market. This is also a scalable option as Delhi already has approximately 40000 auto-rickshaws.

In the last couple of months, new modes of Transit Advertising have created a strong foothold in the market and making its effective use have been companies such as Dell India, Sony Pix, and Zee TV, and host of retail clients which have used the DMRC’s Feeder and the Delhi tourism’s Ho-Ho buses, to strategically create a buzz in the Delhi/NCR region.

Transit advertising through these Auto rickshaws is proving to be an excellent way to reach out to the general public as people spend more time travelling than they do reading newspapers or watching television. The ads on these autos offer flexibility of size thus providing exclusivity in one’s space. Rajiv Saxena, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Media Pvt Ltd says “This was an obvious choice for us to tie up with scalable Transit media property with a good inventory base as there is a huge possibility of innovations by providing effective yield /ROI to client at large”. Adding to this, Ajay Arora, Director, Blue Ocean Media Pvt Ltd says “putting your ads on the move when your consumers are ‘on the go’ proves to be both economical and instantly effective without wasted circulation. Delhi being a city of people who prefer travelling in private space, autos become first choice with SEC B & C consumers and can be seen all across Delhi including Central and South Delhi where advertising is minimal.”

Clearly, this is proving to be the best ROI (Return on Investment)as the company’s client list now boasts of names such as Reliance, Tata, Kingston, Aid control society, UTI, and many more who in concert with the efforts of the Blue Ocean Media Group, will be making the best use of it.